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Beyond Imagination: The Colours of My Mind

George C. Designs is an accomplished graphic designer in Melbourne with over 30 years’ experience in Australia’s digital art industry. This is a journey that began in the Letraset era of design, at a time when computers were way less effective than they are today. Currently, we use design technologies such as Corel Photo Paint, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and other Corel software to implement our clients’ desired requirements.
We believe in creating all our designs from scratch, as opposed to using templates to achieve the sought after results. 

What We Do

A good logo is simple, practical, unique, and is able to pass the owner’s message. The effectiveness of a logo can be broken down into two components: its execution style and the concept behind it. 
We strive to create unique logos that blend these two components together to transform your ideas into preferred visual fonts and images. These logos represent the natural quality of your brand or product because of the ease with which they inspire trust, loyalty and appreciation among consumers.
Our logos are offered in various formats and are available on an unlimited revision basis.

What does a good flyer entail? Well, it has to draw attention to whoever sees it. Furthermore, it has to deliver sales through the attention created.
With this understanding, you can trust our specially designed flyers to call your audience to attention and get them to reach out to you ready to make an order. We utilize basic language and simple design to come up with clean and relevant flyers that speak out exactly what your business entails.
The flyers come in formats such as PNG, JPEG, and vector files. 
Business Cards
You want your business card to stand out and bear your business image. Putting into consideration the conventional size of a business card, getting all your information across it isn’t very easy. However, presenting a memorable professional image is an achievable task. 
We design business cards that collectively entail your brand. Our services fit all businesses ranging from those that market children's products to clients in the financial consultation arena. 
The cards can be single or double sided print ready documents.

As is the case with visual media, the goal of using a poster is to deliver information in a manner that captures and retains people’s attention. Effective posters bear neatly arranged and concise details. Contrary to popular belief, having more information crammed onto a poster leaves an audience confused.
Luckily, we can customize unique posters for your business at an affordable cost. There are various designs at your disposal, all specially tuned to pass on the intended message.
Why Us?
We have vast graphic design experience and strive to meet our clients’ requirements in  real time. Some of our work is featured on our website to help you get a clear picture of what we do.
We guarantee value for your money and top notch quality that will ensure your brand gets into desirable competitive spaces.
Check out our online store for pricing details.

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